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Questions and Answers

What is your specialty? 
Our specialty is our consistently high levels of personalized, professional service.

Do you charge a Cake-Cutting Fee? 
No, we do not.

Can you provide a coat check for my guests? 
A coat check service can be provided for your guests for a charge of $2.00 per guest, minimum 50 to 100 guests, $1.00 per guest over 100. This charge includes all equipment needed and an attendant stationed at the coat check for a 6 hour shift. Additional hours, if required, will be charged at $18.00/hour.

What equipment do you supply for a buffet? 
When a buffet menu is ordered we will provide all serving equipment (bowls and platters), utensils (tongs and spoons), and chafing dishes.

What is the 20% Service Charge? 
The Service Charge is to cover the added overhead costs involved in serving a catered event at a site remote from our central Kitchen. Examples of these costs are van maintenance and insurance, food transportation equipment and supplies.

Can you do Kosher catering?
We do not have the special facilities to provide a Kosher Menu. However, we are frequently asked to write menus in a "Kosher Style," no mixing of meat and milk and no use of pork or shellfish.If any of your guests keep kosher, we are happy to arrange for kosher meals from a local outlet that has been certified kosher by a Rabbinical authority.

Is the gratuity included in the final bill? 
No, the gratuity is left up to the generosity of the host.

Can you sell wine and liquor for a catered function? 
In compliance with Colorado State Law, an off-premise caterer cannot have a liquor license because we do not have a permanent location where we can sell liquor. Therefore, a client is required to purchase their alcoholic beverages from a merchant with a retail license.
However, as part of our services we will assist a client with their selection of alcohol, in placing their order and arranging for the delivery of the order. Billing will be done directly by the liquor store.

What do I do with the liquor after a party? 
It is up to the person who purchased the liquor to determine what will become of the remaining liquor. Frequently unopened, resell-able units can be returned to the liquor dealer for a credit. All opened bottles will be packaged up and sent with a designated person after the event. (It is strongly suggested that this person be a designated driver and has not been drinking during the event.) Most event sites will not allow the liquor to be stored on-site after the event.

Do you have bartenders? 
TASTE 5 Catering will schedule a TIPPs trained bartenders to staff the bar. The standard is one bartender per one hundred guests. This position will be charged at $40.00 an hour per bartender with a 5 hour minimum. Most event sites will require a trained professional bartender to staff a bar. This policy will lessen the likelihood of irresponsible alcohol service problems.

What is the charge for staffing? 
Labor charged for staffing the following positions: Servers, Bartenders, Station Cooks, Buffet Chefs and Back Steward, is $40.00 per hour. The staffing rate for Captain and Banquet Chef is $50.00 per hour.

How many servers will I need for my reception? 
The number of servers will be determined by the level of service you are expecting, the style of menu and presentation, and if the service is done on china or disposable plates. The number of servers will also be determined by the event location, (some locations require more labor to carry all of the equipment into) or a limited set-up time, (some locations allow for only 1 hour of set-up time so more labor would be necessary.)

How do you determine the shift length? 
The shift length is determined from set-up through tear down at the catering site, with additional time for travel. In most cases a set-up time of two hours is required before the guests are expected to arrive. After the scheduled ending time for the function, one half to one hour will be allotted for clean up and loading catering vans for transportation back to the catering offices. Set-up and clean-up time will vary from function to function, depending on the specific requirements of each client, location and function.

How will the wait staff be dressed? 
The standard uniform for a formal function is black pants and white top finished with a black apron. we also have 
options of different dress Ie Kalki and White, Jeans and Shirt, tell us your wish we will provide solutions  

Can I keep the leftovers? 
If you inform your Catering Manager when in the planning stages we will be happy to package up the leftovers for a member of your party to take home.

What if unexpected guests arrive? 
It is our practice to prepare enough food so that any of your guests can go back to the buffet for a second helping. This amount will usually provide for unexpected guests.

What is a Guarantee Count? 
The "Guarantee Count" is the count that we use to base the amount of food we need to prepare for a function. It is also the count that will be used to finalize the levels of staffing, rental order and prepare the final invoice. We will require the Guarantee Count usually ten working days before your function. This will insure that we can arrange staffing and purchase the necessary food. The Booking Fee is payable by check, cash, or certified funds only.

Can the Guarantee Count be changed? 
The Guarantee Count can be increased with the approval of your Catering Manager, but it cannot be lowered.

What is your Booking Fee? 
The Booking Fee is a one-time, nonrefundable charge for the purpose of reserving the Event Date on our schedule. By paying the Booking Fee, you have reserved our services for your Event, which restricts us in booking other events. If you cancel the agreement or the event is cancelled, the booking fee is nonrefundable. However, the Booking Fee will always be credited against your final catering bill.

When do you require a deposit? 
Once an event has been planned, your event designer will send you an Event Order. This contract guarantees the price of your event. This Event Order needs to be signed and returned with the requested deposit. The amount of the deposit will be 25 % of the food portion of your .

Is the deposit refundable? 
The deposit is refundable until 150 days before the function. At that time the deposit becomes non-refundable, due to the low probability of the caterer being able to book another function to recover the lost revenue.

When is payment due? 
The final payment is due on the day the guest count/guarantee is given.

What forms of payment do you accept? 
Checks, Certified Funds and Cash. Credit cards.

What are your returned check charges? 
If a check is returned to us, unpaid for reasons of NSF (non-sufficient funds) or closed account, you will owe TASTE 5 Catering for the amount of the check, plus $25.00 for a Returned Check Charge. This amount must be covered immediately by credit card or certified funds. If the debt goes into collections you will owe in addition, the greater of $20.00 or 20% of the check amount as collection costs.

What items are taxed? 

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue:

"Caterers and other persons similarly engaged are eligible for sales tax on the total selling price or items sold and/or charges for service essential to providing meals and beverages." 

"Nontaxable gratuities include banquet tips separately stated and added to the sales check by the vendor at a flat rate, and the amount is distributed by the vendor to persons who actually render the service." 

(Please feel free to follow this link for verification of this practice,www.revenue.state.co.us/fyi/html/sales24.html 

Therefore, all items on the Catering Invoice, except a guest added Gratuity, is taxed at the appropriate tax rate. The tax rate is determined by the location of the catering function.

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