Welcome to TASTE 5 Catering |Vail Personal Chef Service| Tipps trained Bartenders and Servers available | Vail, Beaver Creek, Cordillera 

STYLE OPTIONS | Depending on your event and menu, your service could take the form of Hors d’oeuvres, Chef Stations, Plated, Buffets, Family Style or for Delivery or Pick-up options.

HORS D OEUVRES | Adding passed Hors d’oeuvre selections to any style of service is a welcoming preview to your event. If you want to create movement, variety, and social atmosphere request heavy Hors d’oeuvres, add Small Plates.

SMALL PLATES | A perfect complement to your chosen service style is a selection of Small Plates.  Pre-arrange Stations can also be incorporated to encourage social atmosphere and to provide guests with an exceptional tasting experience.

PLATED  | Ultimate in service.   Plated service offers an intimate formal atmosphere.  Guests are seated and receive a full service lunch and or dinner.  Plated dinners may require a selection of one Entrée or dual Entrées.

BUFFET | TASTE 5 can execute a full-service or casual buffet.  A buffet is a planned service of several items from which guests serve themselves.

FAMILY STYLE | Family-style dining is a method of serving items to guests seated at a table in which the main entrée and sides are brought to the table in bowls and on serving platters.  Guests select and pass to the next person.

STAFF | For efficient service we suggest 12 people per server for plated service and 30 people per server for buffet.   

DELIVERY AND PICKUP  | For the TASTE specific, If your ski vacation requires a personal chef or a personal door delivered meal TASTE 5 menus are excellent choice. TASTE 5 Catering also provides options for pre-arranged pick-ups.

TASTINGS | With TASTE, depending on the scope of your event tastings may be an addition to your experience.  Tastings are pre-arranged by our planning team and can be executed at either one of our Denver and Vail kitchens.

CONTACT | Contact TASTE 5 and allow us to cater to you and your guests.

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