Welcome to TASTE 5 Catering |Vail Personal Chef Service| Tipps trained Bartenders and Servers available | Vail, Beaver Creek, Cordillera 

Premier Catering in Vail, Beaver Creek Personal and Private Chef, Cordillera Weddings  

                                When attention to every detail is required  |  Invite TASTE

When the celebratory host is approached by Chef Richard A. Bailey and he humbly bows to them,
looks them in the eye and asks “
What are your expectations for the evening?” 
you have invited TASTE 5 Catering to be your culinary experience. As the 
TASTE 5 team prepare and cater to your guests.
Chef Bailey designs customizable menus guided by the principles of freshness, sustainability


      Award winning Chef Richard A. Bailey has over 30 years experience in the culinary arts having orchestrated hundreds of weddings and special events.  His signature style is evident across his creative cuisine combined with his 
attention to every detail in preparation, presentation. And execution

TASTE 5 Catering services the Vail Valley.. Indulges in all celebrations and social gatherings specializing in personal and Private chef service, weddings, corporate events, cooking classes get-togethers each to fit your vision, budget, service styles, and TASTE.

TASTE.  Every food creation is prepared from scratch, featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients, organic, and local products.

 Chef Bailey will assist you in selecting the most complimentary choices for your celebration or gathering.  Chef promises the finest in flavorful food, specific for its freshness and seasonality.

If your ski vacation requires door delivered meal TASTE 5 menus are a excellent choice. TASTE 5 Catering also provides cooking demonstrations personal or group classes.

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